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A data type providing a Remark via inheritance to applicable Types.

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cbrn:RemarksComplexObjectType is derived from:
  • structures:ObjectType
    • cbrn:RemarksComplexObjectType
Types which are derived from cbrn:RemarksComplexObjectType:
  • cbrn:AnalysisAlgorithmSettingType
        A data type to describing the parameter names and values for setting an analysis algorithm.
  • cbrn:AnalysisAlgorithmVersionType
        A data type for information regarding an analysis algorithm version.
  • cbrn:AnalysisResultsType
        A data type to provide information on the results of a radiation data analysis.
  • cbrn:ArrayXYType
        A data type that defines a two-dimensional array of numbers and (optionally) their uncertainty values.
  • cbrn:CBRNECaseType
        A data type for an aggregation of information about activities and events associated with detection and interdiction of CBRNE threats.
  • cbrn:CharacteristicGroupType
        A data type for a named group of Characteristic.
  • cbrn:CharacteristicsType
        A data type for Characteristics or groupings of Characteristics.
  • cbrn:CharacteristicType
        A data type for describing additional characteristics of something, such as a radiation instrument, detector, or item being inspected. This can be used to supplement those characteristics specifically defined in this standard.
  • cbrn:ContentHeaderType
        A data type for information about the contents of a message.
  • cbrn:DataFileType
        A data type that defines a data file and its properties.
  • cbrn:DerivedDataType
        A data type for measurement data artificially created by an analysis algorithm.
  • cbrn:DetectionEventDataType
        A data type for the set of all data collected during an Event that involves the inspection of an Item(s) for the purpose of detecting the presence of illicit goods and materials. This includes data collected by the device(s) used to perform the detection as well as information input by operator(s) involved in the detection activities that the event involves. A detection event can occur in many venues, such as a CBP Port of Entry, a USCG boarding, a state operated weigh station on a US highway, and a general aviation inspection at an airport in Mexico or Canada.
  • cbrn:DetectionEventUserEntryDataType
        A data type that provides user/operator data entries relevant to the Detection Event, for identification of the measured item, its shielding, and operator comments.
  • cbrn:DoseAnalysisResultsType
        A data type to provide information on the results of analysis of radiation dose data.
  • cbrn:DoseRateType
        A data type for radiation dose rate data.
  • cbrn:EfficiencyCalibrationType
        A data type for efficiency calibration.
  • cbrn:EnergyCalibrationType
        A data type for an energy calibration.
  • cbrn:EnergyWindowsType
        A data type for identifying a set of energy window boundaries for gross counting radiation detector calibration.
  • cbrn:EquationType
        A data type that describes a mathematical equation and its coefficients. The type of the equation is given by the EquationKindCode element. The coefficients of the equation are supplied by the EquationCoefficientValueList element; the values of the covariance matrix may be supplied by the EquationCovarianceMatrixValueList. It is recommended that the data from which the equation coefficients were derived be made available as an ArrayXY type so that the coefficients for a different model could be derived.
  • cbrn:ExposureAnalysisResultsType
        A data type to provide information on the results of analysis of radiation exposure data.
  • cbrn:ExposureRateType
        A data type for radiation exposure rate data.
  • cbrn:FaultType
        A data type for describing an error that occurred in an instrument, a specific detector, or during the analysis of data.
  • cbrn:FWHMCalibrationType
        A data type for a FWHM calibration.
  • cbrn:GeographicPointType
        A data type for geographical coordinates of a point on the surface of the earth. For latitudes, positive values correspond to Northern latitudes, and negative values to Southern; for longitudes, positive values are Eastern longitudes and negative are Western. The units of measure for elevation and positional accuracy elements is given by the units attribute.
  • cbrn:GrossCountAnalysisResultsType
        A data type to provide information on the results of analysis of radiation gross count data.
  • cbrn:GrossCountsType
        A data type providing gross count radiation data.
  • cbrn:InspectionDataType
        A data type for information regarding an inspection of an item of interest.
  • cbrn:MapGuideLocationType
        A data type for location information based on a Guide map published by a vendor.
  • cbrn:MultimediaDataType
        A data type to provide data about a multimedia file, and optionally inclusion of the file content within the instant xml document.
  • cbrn:NuclideAnalysisResultsType
        A data type for information regarding the nuclides identified (if any) by the analysis algorithm.
  • cbrn:NuclideType
        A data type for the analysis results for an identified nuclide.
  • cbrn:OriginType
        A data type for the origin of a relative location coordinate system.
  • cbrn:RadAlarmType
        A data type for radiation alarm information.
  • cbrn:RadDetectorInformationType
        A data type for information regarding a rad detector.
  • cbrn:RadDetectorStateType
        A data type for the state(s) of a radiation detector used in collecting the measurement data.
  • cbrn:RadInstrumentDataType
        A data type for the output of a radiation detection instrument from a detection event.
  • cbrn:RadInstrumentInformationType
        A data type that provides information regarding a radiation detection instrument.
  • cbrn:RadInstrumentQualityControlType
        A data type for rad instrument quality control information.
  • cbrn:RadInstrumentStateType
        A data type for the state of a radiation instrument used in collecting the measurement data.
  • cbrn:RadInstrumentVersionType
        A data type for version information for the relevant components of a radiation instrument.
  • cbrn:RadItemInformationType
        A data type that provides information regarding an item from which radiation is being measured by the radiation instrument, and measurement data is reported in this xml document.
  • cbrn:RadItemQuantityType
        A data type for expressing a quantity measure of a item that is the source of the radiation measurement contained in this xml document.
  • cbrn:RadItemStateType
        A data type for the state of an item that is the subject of a radiation measurement.
  • cbrn:RadMeasurementGroupType
        A data type for identifying associated groups of RadMeasurement elements.
  • cbrn:RadMeasurementType
        A data type for a set of radiation measurements that were taken in the same time period.
  • cbrn:RelativeLocationType
        A data type for describing the relative location of an object.
  • cbrn:ResponseReportType
        A data type for a report provided in response to a request message.
  • cbrn:ScanIdentificationType
        A data type that provides identification data about a scan.
  • cbrn:ScheduleByWeekDayType
        A data type for a schedule where the hours are not the same for all weekdays.
  • cbrn:ScheduleByWeekType
        A data type for a schedule where the hours are the same for all weekdays.
  • cbrn:ShieldingType
        A data type for describing the shielding that has been applied to an item.
  • cbrn:SourcePositionType
        A data type for identifying the location of a nuclide source by actual geographical coordinates or by relation to another object.
  • cbrn:SpectrumPeakAnalysisResultsType
        A data type for the results of a radiation data spectrum peak analysis.
  • cbrn:SpectrumPeakType
        A data type that provides spectrum peak analysis results information for a single peak.
  • cbrn:SpectrumType
        A data type that provides spectrum measurement data.
  • cbrn:StateVectorType
        A data type that provides location, orientation,and speed state data for an object, such as a radiation detection instrument/detector or an item being measured by an instrument/detector.
  • cbrn:SystemEventType
        A data type for a system event.
  • cbrn:TraversalType
        A data type for the end-to-end workflow of a conveyance through an encounter process. One or more detection events occur during a traversal.
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