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cbrn:Equation (cbrn:EquationType)

A mathematical equation and its coefficients.

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cbrn:Equation is contained within these types:
  • Cannot be directly contained in anything
cbrn:Equation can contain:
  • cbrn:EquationCoefficientValueList
        A list of values of the coefficients of an equation.
  • cbrn:EquationCovarianceMatrixValueList
        A white-space delimited list of values that provide the lower triangular half of an equation covariance matrix.
  • cbrn:EquationKindCode
        A kind of an equation.
  • cbrn:EquationDescriptionText
        A free-form description of the equation type; it is intended for documentation purposes only. If the equation kind is Other, then this description shall be specified to explain the kind of equation. Polynomial equations shall report the linear term first as Term0 followed by the other terms. An example would be: Energy = Term0 + Term1*Ch + Term2*Ch**2
  • cbrn:LowerLimitValue
        A lowest value of X for which an equation is valid.
  • cbrn:UpperLimitValue
        A highest value of X for which an equation is valid.
cbrn:Equation can be contained in any of these elements:
  • Cannot be directly contained in anything
Everything cbrn:Equation can contain: