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it:Commodity (it:CommodityType)

A sufficient identification of the nature of a goods item for customs, statistical or transport purposes.

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it:Commodity is contained within these types:
it:Commodity can contain:
  • it:CommodityCategoryText
        A kind of goods for Customs, transport, statistical or other regulatory purposes (generic term).
  • it:CommodityGoodsDescriptionText
        A description of the nature of a goods item sufficient to identify it for customs, statistical or transport purposes.
  • it:CommodityUNDGIdentificationText
        An United Nations Dangerous Goods Identifier (UNDG) is the unique serial number assigned within the United Nations to substances and articles contained in a list of the dangerous goods most commonly carried.
  • it:GoodsGeneticModificationIndicator
        True if there is whole or partially genetic modification of goods; false otherwise/if not whole or partially genetic modification of goods.
  • it:GoodsIngredientsDescriptionText
        A description of the Components comprising the mixture or compound of the goods.
  • it:GoodsModelNumberText
        A description of the reference assigned by a manufacturer to designate grouping of products within the same structural design.
  • it:GoodsBrandNameText
        A brand name or distinct identifying name or term assigned by the seller for the goods to distinguish it from those of the other sellers.
  • it:GoodsTariffCodeExtensionsText
        A description of the additional tariff codes specification for types of goods for customs, transport, statistical or other regulatory purposes.
  • it:GoodsGradingClassificationText
        A plain text name or classification of the category, class, rating, or quality of goods.
  • it:CommodityHTSCodeText
        A harmonized Code Text for the commodity.
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