NIEM Progression 5

Disclaimer: This tool was developed by Tom Carlson Consulting LLC. It was created from the official distribution of the data model. Tom Carlson Consulting LLC makes neither claim nor warranty that this tool provides an accurate representation of the NIEM data model. For official and authoritative representations, please visit the official NIEM release website.


A need that is characteristically defined within a need category from assessments that drive the purpose for rehabilitation programs that address subject needs.

j:Need holds other objects.

j:Need can hold any of these following objects, starting with the most specific and becoming more generic as you move down the list:


True if is set when parties believe that the Goals have been achieved and each Need or Risk has been adequately addressed; false otherwise.

Holds true/false values.


A kind of categories that Subject Assessments are based upon to help organize the assessments the subject has taken.

Holds text.


An identifier of a need that a subject has been assessed with.

Holds text.


A descriptor used to describe how serious a subject has needs of a specific type.

Holds text.


A numeric score for the need based on assessment.

Holds numbers.


A kind of values to identify the source of the Need or Risk.

Holds text.