NIEM Progression 5

Disclaimer: This tool was developed by Tom Carlson Consulting LLC. It was created from the official distribution of the data model. Tom Carlson Consulting LLC makes neither claim nor warranty that this tool provides an accurate representation of the NIEM data model. For official and authoritative representations, please visit the official NIEM release website.


A high-level outcome expected following an activity to address a need.

j:Goal holds other objects.

j:Goal can hold any of these following objects, starting with the most specific and becoming more generic as you move down the list:


A subset of a service plan goal.

Holds other objects.


True if the goal was achieved; false otherwise.

Holds true/false values.


A kind of achievement level description associated with an educational goal.

Holds text.


A number of the hours assigned to achieving a specific goal.

Holds numbers.


An activity that supports a goal.

Holds other objects.


A description of a specific goal assigned to the parolee. Examples include find stable housing, develop job skills or attend school, attend anger management, and continue to work.

Holds text.


A number of the hours combined toward a goal as a measurement of effort toward the goal.

Holds numbers.


A note(s) that documents how an individual addresses a Goal.

Holds other objects.