NIEM 5 Tools

Disclaimer: These tools were developed by Tom Carlson Consulting LLC. They were created from the official distribution of the data model. Tom Carlson Consulting LLC makes neither claim nor warranty that these tools provide an accurate representation of the NIEM data model. For official and authoritative representations, please visit the official NIEM release website.

NIEM Wayfarer 5.1

NIEM Wayfarer is a search and discovery tool for NIEM 5.1.

Versions of Wayfarer exist for these prior versions of NIEM:

NIEM Progression 5.0

NIEM Progression is a simplified search and discovery tool for NIEM 5.0.. It eschews detailed typing information, instead focusing on elements and what they contain. It's intended for those new to NIEM, as a stepping stone to using Wayfarer.

HyperNIEM 5.0

HyperNIEM is a hyperlinked copy of the official NIEM schemas. It makes it easy to jump around the various references in and between the schemas without needing a powerful XML editor.