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A data type for a single or set of related actions, events, or process steps.

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nc:ActivityType is derived from:
  • structures:ObjectType
    • nc:ActivityType
Types which are derived from nc:ActivityType:
  • em:AfterActionReviewType
        A data type for a review activity after an action occurs.
  • j:AftercareServicesScreeningType
        A data type for an evaluation of a parolee to determine the appropriate mental health services to be provided.
  • em:AlarmEventType
        A data type for an alarm event
  • im:AlienStudentDisciplinaryActionType
        A data type for the action taken against the non-immigrant alien student as a result of the violation of the rules of the student visa or educational program.
  • im:AlienStudentProgramExtensionRequestType
        A data type for the official request by a non-immigrant alien student or exchange visitor to extend the time limit of the student or exchange visitor visa.
  • j:AppealType
        A data type for a process of seeking review of actions or decisions already executed.
  • j:AppellateCaseDecisionActionType
        A data type for an action determined as a apart of the appeal decision.
  • j:AppointmentType
        A data type for an appointment consists of scheduled dates and times, actual dates and times, and descriptive information.
  • j:ApprenticeshipType
        A data type for a program for skills on-the-job skills training.
  • j:ArrestType
        A data type for the apprehension of a subject by a peace official.
  • it:ArrivalType
        A data type for the arrival activity of a vessel, person, conveyance etc..
  • hs:AssessmentOutcomeType
        A data type for the outcome of an assessment.
  • hs:AssessmentRecommendationType
        A data type for the recommendation of an assessment.
  • hs:AssessmentRecommendedCourseOfActionType
        A data type for an action.
  • nc:AssessmentType
        A data type for an evaluation, appraisal, or assessment of something or someone.
  • j:AssignmentAssessmentAssignmentRequestType
        A data type for an initial request for assignment.
  • j:AssignmentAssessmentDecisionType
        A data type for a decision regarding assignment after completion of the assessment.
  • j:AssignmentType
        A data type for a location and environment into which a person is placed, such as an office, dormitory, barracks, etc.
  • j:BailBondType
        A data type for an agreement between a bondsman and a subject in which a bondsman pays the subject's bail or portion of the bail in exchange for certain conditions.
  • j:BailType
        A data type for details of a commitment made to secure the release of a subject being held in custody and suspected of a crime.
  • j:BirthType
        A data type for a live birth of a human being.
  • j:BookingType
        A data type for an administrative step taken after an arrest subject is brought to a police station or detention facility.
  • nc:CaseType
        A data type for an aggregation of information about a set of related activities and events.
  • j:CertificationType
        A data type for an official process of distinguishing the credentials of person or entity.
  • j:CitationType
        A data type for an official summons to appear in court or pay a fine.
  • hs:ClinicalObservationType
        A data type for a clinical observation of a person.
  • j:CommunityLeaveType
        A data type for a Community Leave Program provides an opportunity for inmates to attend activities in the local community which will assist in their reintegration into society.
  • j:ConditionGroupType
        A data type for a set of conditions assigned to a person.
  • nc:ConditionType
        A data type for a requirement or stipulation.
  • it:ConsignmentType
        A data type for the specific shipment sent by a consignor to a named consignee.
  • hs:ContactActivityType
        A data type for recording a contact with an individual.
  • j:ConvictionType
        A data type for a judgment that a defendant is guilty.
  • j:CorrectiveActionType
        A data type for a set of details about an event or activity which is part of a corrective action plan.
  • j:CourtActivityType
        A data type for a court-related action associated with a court case event.
  • j:CourtEventType
        A data type for a court occurrence.
  • j:CourtOrderType
        A data type for a direction of a judge not including a judgment, which determines some point or directs some steps in proceedings.
  • j:CustodyRequestType
        A data type for a request for custodial responsibility of another person, usually a child.
  • j:CustodyTransferType
        A data type for a transfer of custody or a transfer of a subject or property from one enforcement party to another.
  • it:CustomsProcedureType
        A data type for a specific activity required for Customs
  • em:DailyWatchKeepingType
        A data type for a daily watch-keeping activity.
  • em:DecisionType
        A data type for an activation or deactivating decision.
  • it:DepartureType
        A data type for a departure from a crossing or other location for a means of transport
  • nc:DisciplinaryActionType
        A data type for an activity assigned to a person for the purpose of self-improvement, punishment, or restitution.
  • j:DriverLicenseWithdrawalType
        A data type for a driver license withdrawal.
  • j:EducationalActivityType
        A data type for any event or activity in the process of an education course and programs.
  • em:EmergencyEventSurveillanceType
        A data type for an emergency event surveillance.
  • j:EvaluationType
        A data type for an activity resulting in a mental and/or physical diagnosis
  • hs:FindingType
        A data type for the details of the authoritative decision of the court.
  • j:FingerprintActivityType
        A data type for a non-criminal fingerprint event segment.
  • j:ForceType
        A data type for details of a force used, whether physical or aided by a tool or weapon.
  • j:FuneralLeaveType
        A data type for a temporary leave of custody for the purpose of attending the funeral of a close family member.
  • j:FuneralType
        A data type for a memorial or religious event for the recently deceased.
  • hs:GoalObjectiveType
        A data type for describing a subset of a service plan goal.
  • it:GoodsShipmentType
        A data type for a shipment of goods
  • em:HealthEventType
        A data type for a health-related event for a person.
  • j:HearingCancellationType
        A data type for a cancellation of a scheduled hearing.
  • j:HearingDecisionType
        A data type for an outcome decision or disposition of a hearing.
  • j:HearingDeferredDecisionType
        A data type for a hearing decision which has been postponed to a later time.
  • j:HearingRequestType
        A data type for a formal request made for a hearing.
  • j:HearingType
        A data type for a proceeding before an administrative agency or authority to decide how to deal with failure to comply with rules, to determine an issue of fact, or to reach an administrative decision based on evidence.
  • im:ImmigrationBenefitApplicationType
        A data type for the type of immigration benefit being requested
  • im:ImmigrationBenefitRequestType
        A data type for the request of an immigration benefit
  • im:ImmigrationDeportationType
        A data type that indicates if the Alien has been deported from the Country.
  • em:IncidentResponseType
        A data type for a response to an incident.
  • nc:IncidentType
        A data type for an occurrence or an event that may require a response.
  • em:InfectiousDiseaseSurveillanceType
        A data type for a situational analysis that pertains to infectious disease reporting and surveillance.
  • em:InformationManagementType
        A data type for a way to manage information.
  • j:InformationPracticesActDisclosureType
        A data type for a document detailing the policy for the disclosure of information to the subject of the information, in accordance with the Information Practices Act
  • j:InspectionType
        A data type for a checking or testing of an individual or entity against established standards.
  • j:IntakeType
        A data type for a process of receiving persons into an institution.
  • j:InvoluntaryMedicationActionType
        A data type for a set of details about actions or events involving involuntary medication of a subject.
  • em:ItemDistributionType
        A data type for a set of details about distributing an item to a destination.
  • j:ItemSeizureType
        A data type for the removal of property from the possession of a person or organization.
  • nc:ItemTransactionType
        A data type for a transfer of ownership of an item.
  • j:JuvenileActivityType
        A data type for an optional Juvenile Segment in the rap sheet. The treatment of juveniles in the criminal justice system varies from state to state; these activities may not considered to be an arrest, so the use of the arrest segment would not be ...
  • hs:MedicalHealthDetailsType
        A data type for details about a person's medical health.
  • hs:MedicationUseType
        A data type for recording medication use for an individual.
  • hs:MentalHealthDetailsType
        A data type for details about a person's mental health including social history and psychosocial information.
  • hs:MissingChildRecoveryType
        A data type for a recovery of a missing child.
  • j:MissingPersonOccurrenceType
        A data type for a set of details surrounding the activity perpetuated by a person's whereabouts being unknown.
  • j:NotificationRequestType
        A data type for a request from a person or organization to be notified about a subject's release or transfer.
  • em:NotificationType
        A data type for the function of the message
  • j:OffenseType
        A data type for an alleged violation of a statute, ordinance, or rule.
  • j:OutOfAreaTravelPermitRequestType
        A data type for an activity engaged in to request permission to travel outside area of supervised release as defined in supervised release conditions.
  • j:ParoleActionType
        A data type for an event or activity regarding a subject's parole.
  • j:ParoleHearingDecisionReviewType
        A data type for a set of details associated with a review of a parole hearing decision.
  • j:ParoleHearingDecisionType
        A data type for The outcome or disposition of a court parole hearing.
  • j:ParoleHearingWaiverNoticeType
        A data type for a notice of appearance of a subject for a parole hearing.
  • j:ParoleViolationCaseConferenceRecommendationType
        A data type for a recommended response level for the parole violation based on the Parole Agent
  • j:ParoleViolationDecisionType
        A data type for a set of details about an outcome rendered in parole violation case.
  • j:PassagePointType
        A data type for a point of entry or a point of exit to a location or structure.
  • em:PatientDiagnosisType
        A data type for a determination of the nature of an illness or other problem by examination of the symptoms.
  • em:PatientLaboratoryReportingType
        A data type for a situational analysis that pertains to the laboratory reporting of a patient-level data.
  • j:PersonCriminalHistorySummaryType
        A data type for a quantitative sketch or simplification of a person's criminal history encompassing arrest and conviction offenses.
  • j:PersonDeathType
        A data type for a set of details about a person's death.
  • nc:PersonDisunionType
        A data type for a legal termination of a Person Union.
  • nc:PersonEncounterType
        A data type for an encounter between a person of interest and a governmental element, such as an organization, official or surveillance system.
  • nc:PersonUnionSeparationType
        A data type for a separation of the parties in a Person Union.
  • hs:PlacementType
        A data type for the placement history of a child or youth.
  • j:PleaType
        A data type for an answer which a defendant in an action at law makes to charges.
  • j:PostSentenceActionType
        A data type for an optional Post-Sentence Segment in the Criminal History record in order to transmit actions following adjudication and sentencing, such as a pardon, certificate of relief, restoration of rights, retirement, clemency, or commutation.
  • hs:PreScreeningType
        A data type for an activity to identify that a person is a victim of human trafficking using a pre-screening tool or procedure (e.g., an intake form, federal screening tool).
  • hs:PrescriptionType
        A data type for the details of written instructions from a physician or dentist to a druggist concerning the form and dosage of a drug to be issued to a given patient
  • j:PresentenceInvestigationType
        A data type for an investigation occurring post conviction, but prior to sentence, that assesses a subject's probability of risk to the community in the form of future criminal behavior, the harm the offense caused and the need for restitution or cos
  • j:PretrialInvestigationType
        A data type for an investigation occurring prior to trial that assesses the likelihood that a subject will fail to appear in court and the danger to the community posed by a subject.
  • j:ProgramActivityType
        A data type for a set of details about the actions and events within a specific program.
  • j:ProgramEnrollmentType
        A data type for a set of details required for a subject's participation in a specific program.
  • nc:ProgramType
        A data type for a set of projects, activities, or services intended to meet a need.
  • nc:ProgressType
        A data type for a set of changes or advancements which bring someone closer to completing something.
  • j:ProhibitedActType
        A data type for a violation of published rule/code of conduct for which a person can be held accountable for through sanction.
  • nc:ReferralType
        A data type for a recommendation of a person to an activity, program, or product.
  • j:ReleaseReviewDecisionType
        A data type for a decision or outcome of a discharge review.
  • nc:ReleaseType
        A data type for a freeing or discharging of someone or something from an activity, supervision, or obligation.
  • em:RumorSurveillanceType
        A data type for a rumor surveillance analysis.
  • j:SanctionType
        A data type for a sanction or penalty ordered for a subject as a result of a disposition of a charge.
  • hs:SchoolAttendanceIssueType
        A data type for information about issues relating to school attendance.
  • hs:SchoolExpulsionType
        A data type for information about an expulsion from school.
  • scr:ScreeningProcessType
        A data type that specifies the service requester transaction performance metrics information.
  • j:SentenceModificationType
        A data type for a change made to a sentence.
  • j:SentenceType
        A data type for a punishment resulting from conviction of charges in a court case.
  • j:ServiceCallType
        A data type for a call for service received from a person alerting an authority of a situation.
  • hs:ServicePlanGoalType
        A data type for elements that describe a service plan goal.
  • hs:ServiceType
        A data type for describing the service that will be made available by the agency.
  • em:SituationalReportType
        A data type for a set of information on the current situation of an event or incident.
  • j:SubjectAppealDecisionReviewType
        A data type for an activity of considering and rendering a decision on a subject's appeal.
  • j:SubjectAssignedAssignmentDisabilityPlacementType
        A data type for a kind of placement or assignment specific to a disability.
  • j:SubjectAssignedDisabilityPlacementRestrictionType
        A data type for a restriction on placement for a subject due to a disability.
  • j:SubjectSupervisionSegregationActionType
        A data type for a set of details about action taken to segregate a subject from the general population.
  • j:SubjectSupervisionSegregationType
        A data type for a set of details about a subject's supervision segregation.
  • j:SubjectSupervisionSegregationYardRestrictionType
        A data type for a set of details about a subject's segregation with respect to, or to include, yard restriction.
  • hs:SubstanceAbuseDetailsType
        A data type for the details about a person's substance abuse.
  • j:SupervisionRestrictionType
        A data type for a restriction on a supervised person.
  • nc:SupervisionType
        A data type for an act of officially overseeing, supervising, or keeping track in some capacity of a person.
  • nc:SystemAuditEventType
        A data type for a system event for audit reporting purposes.
  • j:TermType
        A data type for a duration length either in specific terms or as a range.
  • j:TestType
        A data type for a test administered by a person or organization.
  • hs:TraffickingEventType
        A data type for details of a human trafficking event.
  • im:TransferType
        A data type for the transfer of a non-immigrant alien student or exchange visitor from an authorized educational program to a different authorized educational program.
  • nc:TreatmentType
        A data type for a treatment of a person for a mental or physical condition.
  • j:VehicleInspectionType
        A data type for an official examination of a vehicle.
  • j:VerdictType
        A data type for a finding related to a charge.
  • j:VisitationType
        A data type for a record of a person visiting another person under restricted access.
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