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j:Need (j:NeedType)

A need that is characteristically defined within a need category from assessments that drive the purpose for rehabilitation programs that address subject needs.

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j:Need is contained within these types:
  • Cannot be directly contained in anything
j:Need can contain:
j:Need can be contained in any of these elements:
  • Cannot be directly contained in anything
Everything j:Need can contain:
  • via j:NeedType
    • j:NeedAddressedIndicator True if is set when parties believe that the Goals have been achieved and each Need or Risk has been adequately addressed; false otherwise.
    • j:NeedCategoryText A kind of categories that Subject Assessments are based upon to help organize the assessments the subject has taken.
    • j:NeedID An identifier of a need that a subject has been assessed with.
    • j:NeedIntensityLevelText A descriptor used to describe how serious a subject has needs of a specific type.
    • j:NeedScoreNumeric A numeric score for the need based on assessment.
    • j:NeedSourceText A kind of values to identify the source of the Need or Risk.
  • via structures:ObjectType
    • Nothing