NIEM Wayfarer 5.1

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em:ChildIncident (em:EmergencyIncidentType)

A data element for information on child Incidents of an incident

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em:ChildIncident is contained within these types:
em:ChildIncident can contain:
  • em:IncidentSummaryText
        An element for an incident summary
  • em:IncidentPublishDate
        An element for an incident publish date
  • em:IncidentUpdateDate
        An element for an incident last updated date
  • em:ParentIncident
        A data element for information on parent Incidents of an incident
  • em:ChildIncident
        A data element for information on child Incidents of an incident
  • em:RelatedIncident
        A data element for information on related Incidents of an incident
  • em:IncidentActionCode
        An element for the valid actions related to the incident information
  • em:Owner
        An organization with a specific range of authority for specified resource(s)
  • em:Author
        An element for incident author information
  • em:Contributor
        An element for contributor's information
  • em:IncidentResponseActivationTriggerText
        A condition(s) that led to the activation of a response to an event.
  • em:IncidentResponseTerminationTriggerText
        A condition(s) that terminate a response to an event. For example, a trigger for terminating a response may be when no new cases have been reported within 30 days.
  • j:ServiceCall
        A call for service received from a person alerting an authority of a situation.
  • em:ServiceCallAssignedUnit
        An element for for service call assigned unit detail
  • j:Subject
        A person who is involved or suspected of being involved in an incident or criminal activity.
  • j:Victim
        A person, organization, or other entity who suffers injury, loss, or death as a result of an incident.
  • j:Witness
        A person who has observed an incident.
em:ChildIncident can be contained in any of these elements:
Everything em:ChildIncident can contain: