NIEM Progression 5

Disclaimer: This tool was developed by Tom Carlson Consulting LLC. It was created from the official distribution of the data model. Tom Carlson Consulting LLC makes neither claim nor warranty that this tool provides an accurate representation of the NIEM data model. For official and authoritative representations, please visit the official NIEM release website.


A military element whose structure is prescribed by competent authority.

mo:Unit holds other objects.

mo:Unit can hold any of these following objects, starting with the most specific and becoming more generic as you move down the list:


An identifier to uniquely distinguish one DoD organizational element from another, allowing DoD systems to identify an organization individually across the DoD enterprise. Also known as OUID.

Holds numbers.


An identifier with a six-character, alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies each Active, Reserve, and National Guard unit of the Armed Forces. Also called UIC.

Holds text.


A character string assigned to represent a unit name.

Holds code table entries.


An abbreviated unit name.

Holds code table entries.


A name used to create derived names and for display with military symbols.

Holds text.


A Joint Chiefs of Staff developed and assigned code, consisting of five characters that uniquely identify a "type unit."

Holds code table entries.


A position or site occupied by the unit.

Holds other objects.


A person serving as coordinator, action officer, or focal point for an activity.

Holds other objects.


Information that further qualifies primary data about a unit; data about unit data.

Holds other objects that describe metadata.


A designator representing the country affiliation for an object.

Holds code table entries.


An angular distance measured in degrees of a direction from a chosen reference direction. The measured and reference directions are located in the horizontal plane, and the value of the angle is positive in a clockwise direction as viewed from "above" the horizontal plane.

Holds other objects.


A designator that describes the operational status of a military entity.

Holds code table entries.


A designator that qualifies the status of a unit.

Holds code table entries.


A designator that gives the reinforcement for a unit that has additional or detached strength.

Holds code table entries.


A measure of a speed or rate of motion.

Holds other objects.