NIEM Progression 5

Disclaimer: This tool was developed by Tom Carlson Consulting LLC. It was created from the official distribution of the data model. Tom Carlson Consulting LLC makes neither claim nor warranty that this tool provides an accurate representation of the NIEM data model. For official and authoritative representations, please visit the official NIEM release website.


A set of data for the analysis results for a single radionuclide.

cbrn:Nuclide holds other objects.

cbrn:Nuclide can hold any of these following objects, starting with the most specific and becoming more generic as you move down the list:


True if identified; false otherwise. Indicates whether the nuclide was identified by the analysis.

Holds true/false values.


A Name of the nuclide.

Holds text.


A calculated activity of a nuclide at the measurement time, expressed in kilobecquerel (kBq) units.

Holds numbers.


A 1-sigma absolute uncertainty in the value of a NuclideActivityValue, expressed in kilobecquerel (kBq) units.

Holds numbers.


A value for the minimum detectable activity (MDA) of a nuclide, expressed in kilobecquerel (kBq) units.

Holds numbers.


A free-form text description of the confidence in the identification status of this nuclide; for example, Low, Medium, High.

Holds text.


A value for the 1-sigma absolute uncertainty in the value of NuclideIDConfidenceValue.

Holds numbers.


An Indication of confidence ranging from 0.0 to 100.0 percent, in the identification status of a nuclide, where increasing values indicate more certainty that the nuclide is present. The interpretation of this value is dependent on the characteristics of the nuclide identification algorithm.

Holds numbers.


A description of the category of the nuclide.

Holds text.


An assessed geometry of a radiation source.

Holds code table entries.


An estimated location of a nuclide source by actual geographical coordinates or relative to a reference point.

Holds other objects.


An identifier of the estimated effective atomic number of the material shielding a nuclide.

Holds numbers.


An estimated effective areal density of the material shielding a nuclide, in g/cm^2.

Holds numbers.


A placeholder for comments intended to help the consumer of the data to understand better the information encapsulated by the parent element.

Holds text.